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Workstacks » explicit-bind

  1. Release slightly upgraded version of multiple-value-variants.
  2. Finish option-lists.
  3. Finish definitions-systems.
  4. Finish first-class-declarations and triage-declarations.
  5. Finish evaluated-flet.
  6. Finish with-shadowed-bindings.
  7. Finish explicit-bind.

Workstacks » hextml

  1. Finish hextml.

Workstacks » Status quo

  1. Finish the first version of

Workstacks » Stream Lisp

  1. Improve my Notes and tips: Standard Common Lisp symbols article strategically, in ways that will benefit the Stream Lisp braindump, since both will be structurally similar.
  2. Finish my initial Stream Lisp braindump. I guaranteed I'd do it in 2014, so I'll look real bad if I don't. Well, FUCK!

Workstacks » lispy-format

  1. Finish common-lisp-format-reference.
  2. Finish definitions-systems.
  3. Finish lispy-format.