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Hexstream's Common Lisp Essentials

Over time I've grown annoyed by what I perceive as some lackings in the Common Lisp language. Fortunately, Common Lisp is very flexible so all I need to do to address my concerns is write some portable libraries. I've already made some simple ones (that you can also use) to fix some of these annoyances, but the major ones are yet to be completed. Finishing them is my most critical priority because I can't stand to write in "plain Common Lisp" anymore for non-trivial projects.

Loopless 2

A work-in-progress (and currently unusable) collection of libraries seeking to eventually relegate loop (and all similarly monolithic alternatives such as Iterate) to COBOL status by providing powerful lispy composable iteration facilities.

Hexstream Web

A coherent bunch of libraries that can be used together as a dynamic web framework. Actually this is currently completely unusable and undocumented. I've successfully developed and used these for myself in the past for my old mega-project BahagonTools. I've been looking to clean this up for years now and haven't yet been successful but it will happen as I absolutely need this and my policy is to only use those libraries I made that are documented and usable by others.